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Economic translation

Highly experienced professional interpreters

For translation of economic, financial and business texts, we engage only those translators who have higher economic education and who have perfect knowledge of specific terminology.

We will translate for you:

economic and financial literature;
financial reports and auditorís reports;
business plans and estimating examinations;
bank documents, lease, loan agreements;
tender documentation;
accounting reports, bank documentation;
customs and declaration documents;
investment projects, catalogues, etc.;
documents accompanying imported goods for submission to certification and customs authorities;
highly specialized texts in the following fields: audit, finance, insurance, etc. 

You can make a request for a translation or an estimate of its price and managers of our Translation Agency will 

contact you.

Our contact details:

7 Mechnykova Street, Office 43
01133, Kyiv, Ukraine


(044) 235-56-77

(073) 143-07-27
(068) 743-51-54
(099) 919-31-71

(099) 919-31-71
(099) 919-31-71

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