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Urgent translation

Urgent translation of any volume within the shortest possible time

You can send a request for an urgent translation directly from the web-site or by e-mail or call a courier.

We translate dozens of documents daily

Economic translation (financial statements, accounting, bank documentation)

Legal translation (constituent and registration documents, contracts)

Medical translations
Translations of technical documents and operation manuals for equipment of any type and of any complexity degree
Translations of investment projects, catalogues, certificates of quality, customs and declaration documents
as well as
Translations of field-specific texts in such fields as:
audit, insurance, law, telecommunications, information technology, mechanical engineering, household appliances, chemical and pharmacological subject areas, food industry, oil/gas, social sciences, ecology, power industry, etc.;

Translations of presentations, literary, journalistic, popular science,
advertising texts

Translations of personal documents (certificates of birth, marriage, passports, certificates, diplomas, etc.)

You can make a request for a translation or an estimate of its price and managers of our Translation Agency will
contact you.

Our contact details:

7 Mechnykova Street, Office 43
01133, Kyiv, Ukraine


(044) 235-56-77

(073) 143-07-27
(068) 743-51-54
(099) 919-31-71

(099) 919-31-71
(099) 919-31-71

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