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Technical translation

Highly experienced professional interpreters

The key requirements for technical translation are accuracy, terminology consistency, proper use of specific terminology. Therefore, for translation of technical texts we engage only those translators who have higher technical education and who have perfect knowledge of specific terminology.

Extensive experience of
translation of: 

technical manuals and specifications;
technical documents and operation manuals for equipment of any type and complexity degree;
projects and drawings;
scientific articles, reports and presentations, popular science literature in various fields of science and technology;
theses, monographs;
research reports and other scientific works. 

Our company has modern computers and peripheral equipment which make it possible to make translated documents look just like the original source documents, i.e. with full preservation of the original editing, tables, figures, etc. We support all major formats of electronic documents. If so requested by the customer, we can perform scanning and graphic processing of schemes, drawings, pictures or photos required for preparing a translation.

You can make a request for a translation or an estimate of its price and managers of our Translation Agency will
contact you.

Our contact details:

7 Mechnykova Street, Office 43
01133, Kyiv, Ukraine


(044) 235-56-77

(073) 143-07-27
(068) 743-51-54
(099) 919-31-71

(099) 919-31-71
(099) 919-31-71

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